Google Display Network vs. Google Search

Effective advertising is essential if you are seeking to draw attention to your website online. Advertisers can use Google display network or Google search networks as an adverting tool for websites or online products and services.

Google Display NetworkGoogle Display Networks

display_networksThe Google display network supports online ads that internet users come across when they are casually browsing the internet even when they have not searched for a specific keyword. Advertisers can use GDN to display traditional text ads, rich media ads, and image or video ads. GDN advertisements are reported to reach about 90% of internet users through various websites.

mobile-ads_products_smGoogle Search NetworkGoogle Search Network

The Google search network on the other hand is a more active form of advertising online. When an internet user is actively searching for something across the internet, they are likely to come across the GSN ad for products or services related to what they are searching for.

A quick comparison

When using the search network, advertisers are likely to get more clicks than when using display networks. However, there is a lot of fierce competition with ads containing related products or services showing at the same time. Display networks on the other hand are great for non compete pay per click campaigns and luckily offers targeting by topics to put the ad in context for internet users making it a great supplement to drive traffic to the advertisers website.

Running ads on the search network is an effective form of PPC because the ads are eligible to appear on Google SERPs. Advertisers can further expand their reach by including search partners in their targeting.

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